Thursday, January 22, 2004

I guess now its just the Righteous Brother

The next celebrity to enter the CITW archive was Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous Brothers. Yeah like you knew who Bobby Hatfield was when you heard he died. Interesting note on this one I'm such a geek I knew that Will Ferrell's dad was in the Righteous Brothers band. Anyway here is the CITW version for Bobby Hatfield...

Goodbye Righteous Bro
Tom Cruise didn't sing your song well
You had hired the dad of Will Ferrell
Where ladies were to swoon
Cheesy guy sang your tune
And you listen to those in a drunken state
Sing it at karaoke when it got late
But I don't know your name

And is seems to me you lived your life
One just those two songs
Touring the nation day to day
Little venues with a stage
Wait until the end sing both in the encore
Then its over head to the backstage door
Your candle burned out long before
Lovin' feelin' ever will


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