Thursday, January 22, 2004

Irv Kupcinet--Chicago Legend 11/10/03

The next celebrity was Chicago icon Irv Kupcinet. This guy had been on TV and newspapers in Chicago forever. He always knew who was dining at Morton's and from all accounts was not a good tipper. I tied in the big glasses line to another Chicago legend who had huge glasses, Harry Caray. Irv got the call on 11/10/03...

Goodbye Irv Kupcinet
From Channel 2 I knew you well
Gracefully big glasses you do tell
While those around you read
About all famous Chicago celebs
They whispered into your brain
What you say sometimes hard to tell
Seemed always yelling those TV reports

And it seemed to me that you glasses lived
With the frames way too big
Never knowing that you were going blind
When old age set in
And I would have like to know you
But I was just a kid
You wore giant glasses long before
Another Chicago legend did


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