Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I'll let history past judgement on her...

March 3,2004
Well folks I am not hosting the candlelight vigil for the death of Marge Schott. She was a angry old woman and at one time full owner of the Cincinnati Reds. She said a lot of stupid things in her life and there are a ton of stories of how messed up she was. The dogs pooping on the field before games I've heard on a couple of occassions, two St Bernards on artificial turf in Cinci you get the picture. Who would have though I could work Barry Larkin into a CITW-Remix? Noe Ed Kranepool isn't the only former ballplayer to be referenced in a song about someone else, welcome to the club Barry!

Goodbye Marge Schott
Controversy knew you well
Those goofy dogs and the cars you did sell
I heard stories dogs crapping on the field
While you chain smoked the Marlboro Man would tell
With that Reds hat in your hand
Became a crotchety old woman
Then you sold part of the team anyway

And it seemed to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Making stupid Nazi remarks
When no one else did
And I’m glad I didn’t know you
Since I was a kid
I got to leave Cincinnati
But Barry Larkin never did.


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