Thursday, January 22, 2004

Ray Rayner this guy was Chicago in the morning for me when I was young

A big time Chicago icon passed away on 1/21/04, the one and only Ray Rayner. This guy for me was required early morning viewing. The umbrella hat, the Cubs/Sox hat, Ray was cool. Am I the only one who was frightened by Wizzo? I also like this because I could work the Gigglesnort Hotel reference in there. If your not from Chicago and born anytime before I'd say 1975 you may have no idea who this guy is.

Goodbye Ray Rayner
As a kid I knew you well
You had the grace to work the Bozo Show
Wizzo and Cookie could surely tell
I crawled out of bed
Saw a umbrella hat on your head
I knew that it would rain

And it seemed to me you lived your life
Playin cartoons and with puppets
Never knowing when to say
There's a lot of snow, home from school today
And it seemed like I knew you
When I was just a kid
Now your casket will close
Like the Gigglesnort Hotel once did


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