Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Johnny Cochran-This is an outrage! 3/29/05

This is an outrage! Famous lawyer Johnny Chochran died yesterday from brain cancer. I'm sure you know that he came to real national fame when he was able to get O.J. "still searching for the real killers of his wife" Simpson. Johnny would go onto be famous for being put on retainer by every celebrity in Hollywood who would appear to the general public as being guilty of some crime. I'm sure if he would have been in good health he would have been involved in the whole Terri Schiavo case (Hey Jesse Jackson where ya been), but he wasn't healthy enough to do it. Johnny also was the inspiration of one of my favorite second tier Seinfeld characters: Jackie Childs. Well rest in peace Johnny. Vigil same time, sameplace.

Goodbye Johnny Cochran
Guilty celebrities knew you well
You had the grace to get off fools
Doesn’t fit..must acquit the jury you did tell
You crawled out of law school
With a love of rhyming in your hand
Became a TV star
Once that Bronco chase began

And it seemed to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never knowing when to say"I object!" to Ito again
And it seemed like I did know you
I was a college kid
Your candle burned out long after
Chris Darden’s TV career ever did


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