Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Eddie Albert dead at 99. Honestly I didn't know he was still alive.

Yes folks Green Acres star Eddie Albert is now dead. From reading his obit he did some other stuff but for me his career begins and ends with Green Acres. Actually when I heard of this during the weekend I knew I had to go off the normal CITW and do the Eddie Albert version to the theme song of Green Acres. Mainly because when I heard of this the first thing in my mind was the phrase "Eddie Albert is dead" matches pretty damn close to the first part of the Green Acres theme song, so of course I had to do it. The song actually starts with the little riff at the begining of the theme song. You can check ou the rest of the goodness right here www.deadcelebritysongs.blogspot.com

Ed-die Albert…IS DEAD
Ed-die Albert…IS DEAD

Eddie Albert is dead you see
Earth living wasn't the life for thee
Career spreading out so far a wide
Arnold Ziffel just roamed that countryside

New York is where he'd rather stay
His bitchy wife got him to move away
He just adored a penthouse view
Screw the cop hitting wife live on Park Avenue

Sorry that's all I got for you Eddie R.I.P. and say hi to Arnold for me.

**Totally unrelated note today I'm going to pick up the greatest Stallone movie of all time as it comes out on DVD today. Over the Top, the greatest arm wrestling movie........EVER!


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