Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Frank Gorshin 5/18/05

Well Frank Gorshin from the 60's TV show Batman died today. In case you are a complete moron you know that he played the Riddler. Oddly in his obit it says that his last acting gig was on an episode of CSI that will air, oddly enough, this Thursday. Something seems fishy maybe Grissom needs to investigate his passing away. I make references to the spectacular Batman movie of the 60's where all the villians hung out on the Penguin's submarine. Its the same movie where Batman and Robin are in a helicopter that falls from the sky into a big pile of foam rubber. Batman says something to the effect of, "Good thing the national gathering of foam rubber producers was in town!" If Batman is such a super hero why did Robin figure out all of the Riddler riddles? Vigil same time and place, I'm wearing my Riddler costume to it. The site has been updated to include a few other non CITW remixes related to celebrities right here:

Goodbye FrankGorshin
Thought I knew you pretty well
You challenged Batman and Robin
With those riddles you did tell
You crawled out of nowhere
Question marks on your pants
Became a super villain
You're on the Penguin's submarine again

And it seemed to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Robin figured out your riddles
Batman hardly ever did
And it seemed like I did know you
Watched you as I was a kid
Your legend burned out long after
The Riddler's laugh ever did.


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