Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bob Denver--The 3 hour tour is over 9/6/05

Bob Denver (who?) Gilligan from Gilligan's Island has passed away. Bob first gained famed on Dobie Gillis playing a stoner way before his time. He was the first guy to have a goatee from what I remember on those old TV shows. As for his other well known show, Gilligan's Island, there are so many unanswered questions about that show that hack comedians have gone into over the years. Here's one to thing about..if the Skipper was in charge of the boat why didn't that name the show Skipper's Island? Maybe they didn't because they wanted to punish him for wrecking the tiny tiny ship. What did they expect though the weather was getting rough. One last thing before the CITW Bob Denver version, I'm currently efforting a special item for regular readers just in time for the end of year. I should have things all together by then. Oh yeah in case you are wondering I'm a Ginger guy. Well here is is Bob Denver CITW....

Goodbye Bob Denver
The Skipper knew you pretty well
You had to live in a grass hut
A three hour tour the song would tell
You crawled out of nowhere
With a bucket hat in your hand
Became a sitcom icon
How’d the Globetrotters get off the island again?

And it seemed to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never knowing when to say
Fix the boat professor man
And I would have liked to know you
But I was just a kid
Your candle burned out long before
TBS reruns ever did


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